Flemingdon Park

The Flemingdon Park residential development, designed by the architect Irving Grossman as part of a Macklin Hancock’s Master Plan, consisted of an all-rental townhouse and high-rise apartment complex, built on a 350-acres south of Don Mills. The project was first developed by William Zeckendorf’s Webb and Knapp Co., and later picked up Paul Reichmann’s Olympia Floor & Wall Tile when the first ran out of money. Construction on this project started in 1959, with its first apartment tower opening in 1961. Once Flemingdon Park was completed years later, it became the most populated census tract in Canada, with housing for over 20,000 people.

Excerpt from the 2nd episode of the City Builders’ documentary. Motion graphics designed by Andrey Osipov. Narration by Paulino Nunes. 2018.